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The #1 Growth App for Brands & Creators

Powered by A.I.

RAW Brands App displayed on a smartphone, showcasing its centralized command center as a one-stop solution for business marketing needs.

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Screen displaying the RAW Brands App alongside a collection of various tech app icons, illustrating how it consolidates and replaces multiple tools, streamlining business marketing and communication efforts.
Entrepreneur engaging in real-time conversations with leads through the RAW Brands App, unifying communications across text, email, and social media.

Converse With Leads & Customers In One Place With AI

Keep track of conversations whether they happen via 2-way text messages, emails, phone calls, or Facebook, Instagram, or Google Business Profile messages

  • All-in-1 Inbox

  • Centralized View - Email, SMS, Messenger, Calls

  • Click Appointments or Add to Campaigns

Close More Appointments

Book leads directly to your online calendar and provide a seamless booking experience within your automations.

  • Book with AI Through Messanger

  • Unlimited Calendars

  • Integrate Calendar (Google, Outlook )

Calendar integration within RAW Brands App, showcasing a seamless booking experience for leads and streamlining appointment scheduling.
Digital marketer monitoring brand reputation through the RAW Brands App, managing and responding to customer reviews to uphold a positive online presence.

Build & Manage Your Online Reputation

Send review requests on autopilot. Monitor and reply to new reviews right within the dashboard.

  • Get More Reviews - Email/SMS Request

  • Monitor Your Reviews on Google and Facebook

Convert Leads With Nurture Campaigns

Build automated nurture campaigns that send text messages, emails, voicemails, and even Facebook, Instagram, and Google Business Profile messages to convert leads automatically.

  • 2 Way - SMS Messaging with AI

  • Ringless Voicemail - Voicemail drops

  • Emails - For Drip Campaigns

  • Messenger - Convert more leads

Business owner crafting an automated nurture campaign within the RAW Brands App, using multi-channel messaging to convert leads into customers.
Landing page template library within RAW Brands App, enabling rapid website creation with industry-specific designs for high-converting pages.

Powerful Landing Pages Templates

Get access to our growing list of industry landing pages templates to create websites within minutes.

  • 1-Click - Template Installation

  • Unlimited - No website limit

  • Editor - Easy to use drag and drop editor

  • Templates - 500+ industry websites

Build Forms & Surveys To Capture Leads

Use our drag-and-drop form and survey builders to convert traffic to leads that get stored in RAW Brands.

  • Forms - Collect all the right information

  • Surveys - Pre-qualify leads before getting on the phone

  • Unlimited - Custom Values for contacts

Marketing specialist utilizing the RAW Brands App's drag-and-drop form builder to create high-converting lead capture forms and surveys.
ROI and lead tracking data visualized on the RAW Brands App's advanced analytics dashboard, empowering marketers with actionable insights.

Complete Advanced Analytics Dashboard

The ability to track the ROI and Leads in a pipeline has become even easier through our advanced Dashboard. Track stats such as appointment rates, campaign effectiveness, and even response rates!

1. Plan.

Digital marketing and brand strategy at it's finest. Our experts are ready to analyze your business and guide you through powerful solutions.

RAW Brands App’s seamless booking feature displayed on a tablet, integrating with online calendars for streamlined appointment scheduling.
Screen showcasing RAW Brands App as a one-stop marketing solution, highlighting its array of features that streamline and automate marketing efforts.

2. Create.

A helping hand and team you can trust. As we start to build marketing support structures to complement your business, we will show you how to grow the most from our team!

3. Launch!

RAW Brands App's centralized communication hub displayed on a smartphone, streamlining conversations across text messages, emails, and social media.

It's Growth Time! Watch your reborn brand take off and push through the market with strategies like...

Influencer Marketing

Find and Partner with Influencers, Artists, and Content Creators to rep the brand and help you be seen!

Digital Brand Strategy

Find hidden opportunities in your market and the audience you serve. To be the best you have the beat the best.

Website Creation

We create websites/ landing pages/ funnels with conversion and user experience. Let your site serve your brand well!

Lead Driver App

This is the tool of the trade! Lead Driver is a centralized command center for your business, where you can grow and automate your day-to-day

And Much Much More...

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Lead Driver App & Support

The Raw Marketing Group logo in the form of a red mosaic wolf head, conveying the brand's instinctual ability to lead and adapt in the marketing landscape.


Influencer Marketing

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Entrepreneur analyzing marketing metrics on the RAW Brands App's AI-powered analytics dashboard for optimizing business growth strategies.

Brand Strategy & Digital Marketing Management

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